Laws Of Passover

This Blog is about the laws of Passover…..

Passover is 8 days long prohibiting us from eating or owning unleavened bread…First two days and the last two days of Passover are Sabbath like. No driving or using phones etc…..There is two difference though, on the holidays it is permitted to cook on a preexisting flame, on Sabbath it is prohibited. Another difference between Sabbath and holidays,  on the holidays its permitted to carry items in a public area as opposed to Sabbath.

The four middle days of Passover is a holiday  without many restrictions. No bread! But its not Sabbath like, you may still drive, carry, cook and do everything normally. Since it is still a holiday there are minimal restrictions such as preferably you shouldn’t go to work even though the act of using a computer and a phone etc… is permitted in these four days however it is a holiday none the less and there shouldn’t be a distraction from it….

These four days there’s a custom to go on trips with the family such as amusement parks, bowling, horseback riding…Reason-it increases happiness, which is the spirit of the holiday. On the holiday itself too (meaning the first two and the last two) there is also a commandment to eat meat and drink wine, for the same reason-to increase happiness!

Now you may wonder why in gods name is it prohibited to eat bread on Passover? Answer is to remember what king Pharaoh did to us in Egypt. On the night of the last of the ten plagues (killing of the first born) Pharaoh got very scared because he himself was a first born. He made his decision to free the Jews. The Jews were so eager to get out due to the insane circumstances, that they didn’t have enough time to bake the bread they prepared for their journey in the dessert. They carried raw dough in a sack and it backed in the sun hence the matzo.

The prohibition of eating bread does not end there it extends to possession too. One may not have or come in contact with bread of any sort in his possession. This gets tricky because if you have kids in the house they get crumbs all over in the carpets and and in toys etc…

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The two weeks before Passover is the hardest and most stressful for every Jewish woman. Of course they have extra cleaning help and the kids help out but its a very big feat knowing that you have to rid yourself from every crumb!

There is one way around this that is permissible. Selling your house to a non Jew for the eight days of Passover saves you from cleaning it. The reason why is simple, since you don’t own your house for those eight days its not in your possession. This is only applicable if your not intending to be home during Passover, you  cant live there during these eight days because its not yours.

What happens after the eight days? You may buy it back from the non Jew. In Jewish law there is a concept of selling on condition to buy back…

However you still have to clean the items that you plan on using over Passover such as your car, suitcase,  pockets of pants, shirts and anywhere that crumbs are accessible.

What do you do with the bread that you find? On the day before Passover its a custom to make a fire and burn it. The reason for this is bread represents our physical needs such as food which represents evil inclination. Burning it shows that we are free of our evil inclination!

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